Basic and Detail Engineering Services and Equipment Supply of WTP and CPP of Kerman Combined Cycle Power Plant

 Mapna and Mashin Sazi Vizheh as the employer notified this project to our company on 21/03/2005. The completion date was 22/05/2006. The site of this project was Kerman Combined Cycle Power plant. The capacity of this water treatment was 2500m3/day.

The services, which are done by Abangan Sanat co., are Doing all the design and engineering including: basic design, detail design, and purchasing engineer all of mechanical, process, piping, control and instrument equipment. Abangan Sanat purchased all of instrument equipment as Performa invoice which is confirmed by Mapna Group(our client).

An ion exchange system is used To produce 2500m3/day Domain water with conductivity less than 0.1 micro Siemens/ cm which include raw water pumping station, The sand filter, Cation exchanger column, Decarbonator, Anion exchange column, mixed bed column. In this plan for the regeneration of cationic and anionic columns, sulfuric acid and caustie soda are used.

Four precoat filters (capacity: 600m3/h) are used to increase the purity of HRSG condensate water. These filters are designed to remove suspended solids and dissolved solids from condensate water. This unit produces water as feed water for high-pressure boilers that are used in the Kerman plant.

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