Mahdi Shahr Wastewater Treatment Plant


Semnan Province Water and Wastewater organization as the employer notified this project to our company on 16/06/2008. the contract period was 18 months . The site of this project was in semnan. The capacity of this wastewater treatment was 6000 m3/day .

The services which are done by abangan Sanat co. are Doing  all the design and engineering procurement of electromechanical, control and instrument equipments, Construction, installation and commissioning of mentioned equipments and One year operating.

extended aeration method is used in this Sanitary wastewater treatment  plant. Raw sewage after crossing the screen enters to grit removal unit and after that by submersible pumps goes to anoxic tank and then is directed to Aeration tanks .aeration is done by blowers and tube diffusers in Aeration tanks. The part of mixed liquor is returned to anoxic tank for denitrification reactions and it is mixed with raw sewage by submersible mixers. Effluent of the aeration tanks is driven to Rectangular sedimentation tanks and settled solids are collected sludge scraper. Clarified wastewater disinfect by a gas chlorination system.  Excess sludge produced at the treatment plant is dewatered by a belt filter press.

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