Najaf Abad Wastewater Treatment Plant


Isfahan Province Water and Wastewater organization as the employer notified this project to our company on 20/02/2011. the contract period was10 months . The site of this project was in Najafabad one of Isfahan Province cites. The capacity of this wastewater treatment is 21000 m3/day .

The services which are done by abangan Sanat co. are Doing  all the design and engineering procurement and preparation of electromechanical equipments, test in manufacture factory, shipment to client warehouse, installation, test and commissioning of mentioned equipments, preparing Instructions for operation and operating installations, training of client personnel, commissioning and performance test for  3 months after completion of the work before PAC and FAC.

The aerated lagoon system with returning sludge is used in this plant. Raw wastewater after crossing the screen enters to the aerated grit removal tank for grit separation . It is pumped to aerated lagoons by screw pumps.  Thirty six Mechanical surface aerators with low speed have been considered in aerated lagoons. Aerated effluent lagoons is directed to two circular sedimentation tanks with a diameter of 34. The Part of the collected sludge of these tanks is revert to aerated lagoons by submersible pumps and then clarified water of  sedimentation tanks is directed to chlorine contact tanks for disinfection. gaseous chlorine systems is used in this plant.  two sedimentation lagoons has also been implemented in this plant. So aerated lagoons outlet Can be transferred to them,too.

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